Mediterranean Diet Weight Loss

A Mediterranean diet is inspired by the traditional food from countries like Italy, Spain, and Greece. A Mediterranean diet is regarded as the best and the healthiest diet among all the diet plans. According to a research made, nearly seventy percent of people who follow the this diet are less prone to put on weight

Liquid Diet Weight Loss

Liquid diet is the most effective way to reduce weight. Most of the people opt for various processes for losing weight. They change their lifestyle and follow an exercise regime for losing weight. The latest trend of a liquid diet is gaining popularity due to its effective results. These diets are said to be the

Ketogenic Diet Weight Loss

Ketogenic diet was first used for testing epilepsy in early 1920’s. Ketosis is a state at which the body lacks the essential amount of carbohydrates to carry on the daily routine. Hence, the body starts depending on the ketone bodies as the main body fuel. Ketone body is derived from the body’s fat content. This